Making it Happen


A thought on how to make it happen. Life is tough. Money is tight. Everything costs more every day. People reach out through fundraisers to help achieve their dreams and are often heavily criticized for doing so. “Get a second (or third or fourth) job” they are told. Support from within one’s community is so incredibly valuable…financial, emotional or otherwise. I have been fortunate to have many wonderful people support me through fundraising efforts in the past and I believe it can be a great way to make it happen… But right now, we are doing something different.

After struggling for years with the financial realities of the sport that I love, working really hard and facing challenges when reaching out for support, we were introduced to an opportunity through some friends to start a new business and control our futures. My parents work full time in very rewarding careers, I have a growing client base riding and teaching in Virginia and Maryland, but we can see the potential this business has for us, and we see the reality of that potential with people we have met in the company. We have found way more than we bargained for, with this great group of women that are now our business associates. Talk about support within your community!

You will see a lot of posts on social media from mom and I about our business. We can’t wait to share what we are doing with everyone, and if people can benefit from our products and we can earn a real boost to our income by doing our second jobs it’s a win win.

We really truly are grateful for this new adventure. Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement, past present and future. 

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