Spring has Sprung

There’s certainly been a lot going on here at SRB Equestrian Sports!! The Annual Northern Migration is complete, a busy competition schedule is already underway for my horses and my students, and I have managed to reconnect with most of my non migratory friends in the last few weeks.

One of the big highlights was this past weekend, where I made a trip down to the Fork HT for my favorite event of the year. Trubie and Mosby (Seahawk) were absolutely fantastic at the Training Level. Both of them have completed 2 recognized Trainings each now, in addition to their unrecognized trainings. They both handled the electric show atmosphere like champs, especially Trubie who hasn’t had to stable at a horse trial up until now. The last time he spent the night in a strange stall and had to perform the next day, he was racing!! Aside from being pretty worried about the photographers with their loud scary cameras shrouded in rain gear during Thursdays Dressage Downpours, he didnt seem fazed.

This was by far the biggest cross country track they have faced, which was exactly what I was hoping for when I decided to make the trip. The Fork has always provided a great experience for the horses, the fences are always beautifully built and set well into the terrain so that the horses come off the course smarter and more confident than they were when they left the startbox. Congrats to Tremaine Cooper on putting his own stamp on the property with challenging courses across all levels, and a huge thanks to Jim and Bernadette Cogdell and all who are involved in putting on a great event.

The showjumping arena at the Fork really gives the horses a good introduction to a big atmosphere. The jumps are bright and well decorated, and there are spectators all around. Both of them were very focused on their jobs in the arena and jumped beautifully on their last day of competition, each putting in clear rounds.

I also did the Young Event Horse competition with the boys, which was a new experience for me. I really want to ride them both at the YEH Championships, which will be held in the fall. They both achieved their first of two qualifying scores, and they will do the 5 year old division at Waredaca in June for their second qualifier.

I took Port Authority with me to keep him in work, and I was lucky enough to get a few minutes with David O’Connor, which was so great. He hasn’t seen him work in over a year and I think that he was pleased with the way he is going. David was responsible for producing Ollie to where he was at Rolex and the World Games, and even if he’s not my team’s coach anymore, he knows me and he knows the horse and I am so grateful that he is willing to check up on me when he has time!!

I also had a dressage lesson with the current Canadian team coach, Clayton Fredericks. Clayton hadnt seen Ollie in nearly a month, and he sent us north with some homework to do. I was really pleased to be able to show off a much stronger and MUCH more submissive Ollie, and I was so happy that Clayton thinks we are on the right track. I will see him again in May hopefully at Jersey Fresh, where Ollie is doing the test ride for the 3 start. Homework, Homework, Homework.

Another highlight of the competition weekend was of course, catching up with friends I don’t get to see often enough.My mom came out to groom and hang out, and most of my pals were stopping at the Fork mid-migration. This sport keeps us all going at warp speed and in different directions. Some of my friends are on top of the world, and others are facing some struggles that come along with the sport, life, and growing up.. I just wish I could spend more time with each of them. You’re only as strong as your support system!!

Now that I’m back up North in Maryland, I am focusing on building my team of students and getting to know more people!

I have some continuing projects, such as producing my horses in training, Seahawk’s Syndication and Ollie’s rehabilitation into competition form, but the immediate project is getting more and more students! The more the merrier, so if you’re in the Northern VA/ West Maryland area, give me a call and come out to the farm in Woodbine to meet me and have an introductory lesson.

571 420 3351

Next Up: Ollie’s test ride at Fair Hill CIC, and Loudoun Pony Club HT at the end of the month!!

Check out the YouTube Channel for clips of The Fork!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Do3BfF1dteA

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