Maryland starter trials

I’m very happy and excited to report on a successful Sunday at the Loch Moy Starter Trials!
Wind in the Willows contested her first ever horse trials, and finished on her dressage score of 31.5 I can’t wait to show her again.
Cricket Song and Harbour the Truth made the move up to Novice level, and both had a good day, with a few baby moments keeping them out of the ribbons in spite of wonderful clear cross country rounds.

Seahawk had a lot to prove to me today. He has been great in the dressage and showjumping all year, and we have been schooling at Training level for about 6 weeks now, but his cross country game has been inconsistent. He had a stop at the ditch at the novice Championships, and without it he would have finished 3rd or 4th so it has been game on with the cross country schooling since then!! We have jumped the ditch in the woods at Sunset Hill about 25 times, as well as a solid schooling session at Loch Moy last Wednesday. I’m so glad that he jumped around clear and brave on Sunday! He won the Novice on a 21 with clear jumping phases. Moral of the story… Cross country school the week of a competition if you have a spooky baby!!

True Bellamy made the big move up to Training level, and was a very good boy. He scored 34, which was about right for the test, but the test was a long way from the quality that he can do at home. I’m looking forward to getting it all polished up and ready to rock, because his quality of movement is good enough for the mid 20s when he is relaxed!! He was brilliant in both jumping phases and moved up to take the win at his first Training. I’m so proud of this horse for going from racing to winning at Training in less than 11 months! He will do the training level at Waredaca and then have a month of vacation time.

All in all I am so grateful to have such strong support from my owners, Jim and Susan Hill, Lesley Arnold, and Chuck Akre. And of course my parents for their support of Seahawk. The quality of horses that I have to ride is fantastic, and it is thanks to these people!

Also a huge thank you to all of my sponsors. The horses are well fed and strong thanks to Nutrena, safe, comfortable and well turned out in their EcoGold boots and pads, and healthy in their bodies and minds thanks to Omega Alpha Equine.

Also thanks to Asmar Equestrian, HitAir, Rebound Hoof Pack, County Saddles and Five Star Tack!!

Harbour the Truth, Cricket Song and Wind in the Willows are being offered for sale, so keep them in mind as you shop for your next partner.

A good time to see them may be at Sunset Hill Farm open day in Saturday November 10. Come tour the farm, see the sales horses, take a half price lesson, or bring your horse for sale for a free assessment! Contact me for more information on the open day.

Thanks for taking am interest in all things at SRB Equestrian Sports!!


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