Hello from hot and sticky Middleburg, VA! It’s summer again!

In spite of the heat and resulting thunderstorms, the horses and I are having a great start to the summer. The big news, of course, being True Bellamy’s new owner Chuck Akre. I have ridden for Mr Akre in the past, and when he heard about the talented youngster I had in the barn, he was excited about becoming part of the team again. Im so grateful to have people who believe in me as a rider and are willing and able to own these lovely horses for me! Thank you!!

On that same note, I am thrilled to welcome Nutrena Feeds on board. I am so lucky to be supported by a product that I believe in, and since Nutrena kept Ollie going from his bronze medal at the NAYRC, to his Best Conditioned Award and 5th place at Kentucky, and his 9th individual and team silver performance at WEG, the results speak for themselves. The babies love it, and my thoroughbreds have shown such an improvement in their condition since my consult with the local representative. Welcome to the team, and thank you!

True Bellamy and Seahawk have been working hard at home and at schooling shows in prep for the big move up to Novice, and both were very successful at Surefire farm HT June 24. I love this event because it is 35 minutes from my barn, and the cross country is always a good test. I was so glad to have mom in town to see the boys do so well! Both of them showed off their stuff on the flat and scored well, and they were both point and shoot cross country! I have a little fine tuning to do in the showjumping, but with one rail each they finished 2nd and 7th. Both are going to MD2 next week, and then up to Millbrook in New York to participate in the Career 2 circuit for off the track thoroughbreds. If they can qualify for the AEC, we will go! If not, we will make a new ‘plan’.

William did his first prelim of the year yesterday, and I can’t believe how good he feels compared to last fall. As always it’s a fine balance for him between hot and flashy, focused and dull, so we are doing an ongoing experiment with different approaches to his pre show workouts and varying the amount of Chill we pour into him. But I guess dressage is always a work in progress, and his jumping is so much more powerful than before. We are on the right track! He will do MD2 and Waredaca in prep for the American Eventing Championships in September at Chatt Hills.

Babies Cricket and Harvey are getting better all the time, Crick is showing in some half Connemara classes at the Warrenton pony show, and Harvey will make his BN debut at Waredaca.

The big man has gained some weight and settled into his vacay. We have had a couple of quick checkups with Dr Ober, and I am very much looking forward to finishing up the R&R phase and starting back up with his work in a couple of months. I often look back on all of the things that we have done in the last few years, and I find that rehashing all the experiences, both “good” and “bad” helps keep my head in the game. Remembering my best dressage tests, the way he felt this past February and March, the way we worked together on cross country at WEG remind me that its in there for us. Going over the rougher moments in the leas up to Badminton remind me that sometimes shit happens, and you dont always have to keep pushing through it. And the long months of rehab help me to remember that nothing should be taken for granted! Hopefully this mental practice will help me in the winter when I’m getting ready to tackle the big K.. Let’s hope! But until then his job is to rest, mine is to practice and to bring along my next generation!

Thanks for reading, look for updates!


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