Spring Season Update!

Well folks, I guess the spring season is almost a wrap. We are officially moved back to our summer base in Middleburg, VA. This year, “home” is Fox Chase Farm, and I am so lucky to have such a wonderful facility to work out of. So far everyone I have met is very welcoming, and we fit in well! I thought it was mostly a hunter barn, but it turns out us eventers are making quite a foothold here at Fox Chase. Myself, Lisa Barry, and Tiffany Catledge all train out of this facility and its a really fun and friendly dynamic here at the farm.

Part of the reason everything is so “fun and friendly” is that I’ve had a bit of a change of gears here in the last couple of weeks. After a few months of high pressure training and stressing about tight schedules, Ollie has made it very clear that I was asking for too much too soon. He has done a fantastic job of healing up the suspensory injury he sustained last fall, and asks that I please not rush him into the game just yet. His dressage has been amazing, and his fitness was really at an all-time high (for what we were doing) thanks to all the walking and steady build up. Its just a little too soon for all the jumping and galloping that needs to happen in order to prepare and get selected for the Olympics. Unfortunately for me and my hopes and dreams, the International Olympic Committee declined my petition to delay the Games by a couple of months to wait for Ollie and I….. so we have had to withdraw from selection!! I have to admit, I was devastated at first. He was feeling so great and I wanted this so bad I could taste it, but it didn’t take long for me to realize that if I give him this time now, his chances of coming back were huge. This was the best, which is therefore the only, choice for my wonderful partner. Stay tuned for updates on our progres. We have not yet picked a new target to set our sights on, but when we do we will have the advantage of knowing that he is fully recovered and ready to handle the pressure of a rigorous training program.

Other than that little bit of current events, things are pretty good. Vienna kicked some serious butt at her last Preliminary competition, blowing her last dressage score out of the water to achieve a new personal best of a 30 in the dressage, she rocked around the jumping phases to add only xc time to her score. Considering the tough, technical course set on the most severe terrain she has encountered, I wasn’t just proud I was impressed. She finished 4th, and we were a very happy pair on Sunday afternoon.

The weekend before, Trubie and Mo (True Bellamy and Seahawk) dominated the Beginner Novice at Rocking Horse Spring HT. The two of them are so hilarious, I love baby horses. Mo and all his big flashy movement, and Trubie sneaking in behind him with his less expressive, but extremely correct gaits to actually score almost 2 points better in his test!! Big Mo better watch out…. they were both foot perfect in the twisty, spooky show jumping, and went out and did their very best cross country. I was so proud of them both for jumping the ditch like it was an every day occurance, and trotting on in to the water like big kids. The coops and logs and benches are much too small for my kids, but they had fun. Trubie ended up coming home with the win, and Mosby was a close 2nd place. I am so lucky to have both of these horses, and I am at home practicing like crazy for their first novice, which has not been planned yet.

Currently, a big priority is to get some clinics organized for the upcoming months! Look for updates to the schedule, and also feel free to call 571 420 3351 or email steph_rhodes17@hotmail.com if you are interested in hosting a clinic!


As always, Stay tuned. Thanks for Reading.


3 responses to “Spring Season Update!

  1. Stephie, When I watched you at the WEG’s I was not such a fan, after all, the Canadienes beat the US for a medal and you were so young to achieve such greatness. Too far, too fast, in my old mind. Reading your blog has changed my opinion decidedly and not that my opinion amounts to a hill of beans but I believe you will be one of the greats in this sport. You will make North America proud. To have to swallow your dreams for the welfare of your horse is a true indicator of greatness. You have many, many years to ride in the Olympics and I will be cheering for you. God speed for Ollie to heal.

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