5 Years!

This week is kind of a big week for me. This week Port Authority is participating in all 3 days of the Canadian Team training sessions at Meredyth South, with a Jacqueline Brooks dressage lesson today, and a DOC jump lesson tomorrow, finished with a DOC dressage lesson on Wednesday. It feels like progress to me!! Im so excited to have him back at this point. The next few weeks before his first run of the season are going to fly…

This week I can officially say that Seahawk and True Bellamy are event horses!! These two 4 year old off the tracks have had different paths to get to this point, but they were both super over the weekend at Rocking Horse HT, finishing 2n and 3rd respectively in the Open Beginner Novice.

This week, I can say with conviction that Vienna and I are going to have a great partnership. She was way more relaxed and rideable in the dressage, and She didn’t have a single green moment cross country on Saturday. We held our own over a very difficult showjumping course as well, and finished 6th in our 3rd preliminary!!

This week also marks the 5 year anniversary of my arrival in the USA. So much has happened in the last 5 years, and looking back, the only thing I wish I could have done differently is moved here sooner!!! As an 18 year old kid with a prelim horse, my goal was to represent BC and Canada at the 2* at NAYRC before I aged out of the program. After that, I was going to sell the horse, move home and go to Nursing School at the University of British Columbia…. It seemed like a reasonable plan. Never had I ever thought that competing at the advanced level would be a possibility, and representing my country at something bigger than NAYRC seemed like an impossibly lofty goal. Now, I’m so happy that David O’Connor and Rebecca Howard helped me change my mind on that one!!

Looking back over the last 5 years, I am so incredibly grateful to all the wonderful people who have taught me, on and off horses, supported my ever changing life plan, and been there through the highs and lows of it all. Also to the people who believe in me enough to put their support in the shape of their name, products, and horses behind me. These people have given me everything I have achieved so far, and most importantly they have given me the wide open doors to the future that I am so lucky to have. Which doors I go through and which road I walk down remain to be seen, but I have every opportunity I could ever want, and an education in the sport that I love that I look forward to continuing!!

Thanks reading 🙂


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