The Holidays!! Stop to enjoy them!

Christmas! It’s that time of year that sneaks up on us before we know it. One minute it’s Halloween, and then all of a sudden Thanksgiving (yes, the American version.. My attendance record is 5-0 over the Canadian version these last few years) comes around. I would blame the turkey coma for the last month disappearing into a blur, but I’m pretty sure you have to remain still to qualify for a comatose state.

I personally feel like I haven’t hardly stopped moving much since my arrival in Ocala last month. Today, however, has been a lot of sitting still!! One thing about Christmas that I have opted out of for a few years is traveling… But this year, a wonderful friend hooked me up with a trip home for the holidays!! (It helps to have good friends!!) Flying across the continent always takes a whole day, no matter what. Today, I woke up at 4 (oops!! Was supposed to be 315) and drove like a bat out of you know where to the Tampa International Airport. Once I got settled into 85mph on I 75, I realized I pretty much patted my dog on the head as I bolted out the door… I hate leaving her and I usually get a really good snuggle in before I go. But… She didn’t even really wake up as I threw my clothes on and bolted, so I hope she was happy to see Autie Alexa and her boyfriend Motor a few hours later!!

This mad rush has led to a day of SERIOUS sitting around in airports. But I kind of don’t mind!! I have gladly been putting in very long days, starting at the training track and spending the afternoons at my barn, but I have been going a little harder than can be sustained for long periods of time. My mom scolded me the other day for trying to muck stalls one handed while talking on the phone, and I eat lunch (sandwiches or whatever) while walking/grazing / driving my truck to KESMARC! I choose this life, and I do it because I love it, and I’m not complaining, but… To sit is nice 🙂 I plan on doing a lot of it this week, and I really hope that the rest of you can take some time out of your hectic schedules to simply relax!! Don’t wait for an “unforeseen maintenance issue” with an airplane to force you into 2 hours of submission!!

Like my mom said. Take 20 minutes to just sit down and eat lunch without checking emails or making calls at the same time. Single tasking isn’t a crime!! The competition season is fast approaching and we won’t get a real break for a while, people. So sit down, shut up, and eat the sugar cookies!!!

Can’t wait to see my family 🙂


One response to “The Holidays!! Stop to enjoy them!

  1. Steph, so glad you are getting a break! Enjoy every bit of it!

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