Virginia to Toronto and back again… Now, to Florida!

Well… Its been a crazy 10 days of packing, flying, packing, driving, a little indoor eventing action, more packing and flying…Maybe you get the idea. Thank goodness for the Mosby and Vienna riding, Ollie handwalking, and other normal daily activities to keep me feeling grounded. More packing and driving to follow!!

Last Wednesday, I hopped a plane to Toronto, Ontario for the Royal. My good friend (and total rockstar) Jessie Phoenix picked me up and took me to her farm in Cannington for some pre fair prep. I love spending time with Jess. Her enthusiasm and positivity is totally contagious, and spending time with her was exactly what I needed to break myself out of my little funk.

The indoor eventing was, overall, a huge success. I think sponsor Don Good and the folks at the RAWF are wonderful for keeping this event running every year, and I can hardly wait for the Royal 2012. My weekend loaner horse, Sunday Best, was such a champ in the Ricoh Coliseum. I am still not super experienced with hopping on random horses and figuring them out right away, so I appreciate his cooperation and forgiveness for the mistakes I made! Competing in that setting is a lot to handle, and not many young horses could go in to a situation like that and be better for it. I was so proud of him for going in on the second night and buckling down to work, and I felt like I rode much better for him the second night. Thanks to the Simmonds family for letting me ride their lovely horse!

A few very exciting news updates…

County Saddlery has joined the SRB Equestrian crew! I am very lucky to have a partnership with such a reputable company, and I am feeling great riding in my Conquest jump and Perfection dressage saddles.

Check them out at

Also, tomorrow is the move to Ocala, FL. I look forward to having the chance to get baby Mosby rockin and rollin in the sunshine, and I can hardly wait to get as many lessons as I can with KOC and DOC on Vienna.

Aaaand!!! I can get on Ollie next week 🙂 that is a nice change from all the handwalking. So now I will get to ride him, and in a couple weeks he will be hitting the aquatread at KESMARC Florida. So glad to be on track with him.

Anyways, thanks for reading guys. Keep ya posted on how things go in the sunny south.


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