Fair Hill Week, not quite as planned

Well, for any of you who keep tabs on me at all, you were probably wondering why Ollie hasn’t surfaced anywhere since Southern Pines at the beginning of September.
Turns out that we are out for the fall season, and didn’t get to head up to Elkton, MD with everyone else. It looks like we will be back at it before too long, and have a good shot at a 2011 spring season.

As for the rest of the crowd, everything seems so far so good. Vienna was very brave and rideable at Middleburg in her 3rd training level event and William and I finished 2nd in our Prelim debut after a week of rain and mud here in Northern Virginia.

William was also very very good at the Maryland HT this past weekend, although 2 unlucky rails in the showjumping left us down in 8th place. I was very happy with his attitude in all three phases, and thought that the challenging xc was not a problem at all for Will!

Looking forward to Waredaca next weekend, and lots and lots of hand walking and quality time with my Ollie man.

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One response to “Fair Hill Week, not quite as planned

  1. Ivy Rhodes irhodes@telus.net 4350 Hwy 97BSE

    Hey Stephanie, so sorry for Ollie, he will come around. Haven’t heard from you for so long. Get in touch with us, as we would to hear from you.

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