The long drive home

So, sometimes things don’t go the way we want them to. I’m learning that this year, maybe repeating it a bit more often than I’d like..

I was feeling great heading into this weekend, very excited to get back at it with the big guy. After his very competitive dressage test, I was feeling even better about it all!! The course looked great, the footing was a dream come true, and Ollie started out like a million bucks!!! Unfortunately, the thing about our sport is that it doesn’t take much to go from great to sitting on your you-know-what marveling at the fact that you’re done for the day.

I’ve decided to treat this situation as such; this past Saturday at approximately 1218pm I was given a kick in the pants by Ian Stark’s wonderfully challenging course to be a more proactive and attentive rider. I hope to go to every competition in the future and ride around like I really mean it, not just like I’m here to have a good time. No excuses, just an appreciation for what I have to do to get it done, and gratitude that I had this moment here, and not somewhere where my results let down people other than myself!!

Take note that the Advanced at Southern Pines this weekend has been added to the competition schedule!!

Thankfully, Vienna was a rockstar this weekend. She will be even more fun on the flat once we relax enough to walk the WHOLE way down the diagonal… But whatever, she more than made up for it when she was being so brave in both jumping phases. I’m so excited about this girl, I think she’s going to grow up to be very special!

We are a few miles from home now after a layover in Pittsburgh and a lightning fast, interstate-side tire change. ( I love power tools ).

Here we go, on to the next!



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