Richland Park

Well, on this stormy Wednesday morning, we are headed North to compete at the Richland Park Horse Trials. I am catching a ride with my friend and barnmate Lisa Barry, for which I’m sure my rig is grateful!

We have 4 horses, 2 dogs and oh my goodness SO much stuff, and we will be very happy to arrive at our destination.

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to have a dressage lesson with the elusive David O’Connor, of which Ollie I haven’t seen much all summer. Even though we have only had 3 lessons since Ollie came back into work for the summer/fall season, he has been very obedient and rideable for me. I have been working on a lot of the homework I was given by David and Gunnar Ostergaard during the spring season to get Ollie more engaged and working over his back better. So, after a good warmup I was able to start my lesson on the right foot, and David helped us work on getting an even better general quality of gaits as I ran through pieces of the test I have to do on Thursday in Michigan.

He sure feels good! My goal is to get that same quality of movement into the arena, and then to make my test have a smooth and accurate feel to it. I can sometimes get a little too aggressive in the ring, and end up making it look a lot more difficult than it already is as my horse worries about what the wild crazy girl on his back is trying to achieve!

I also have The Ortynsky family’s CWB mare Vienna with me getting set to do her first Training. She has been working really well, and she really enjoyed her cross country school yesterday morning at Morningside Training Farm in Warrenton. My goal for her this weekend is to put a more educated and confident horse back on the trailer to go home. She might be a little nervous in the sandbox, but we will learn more about what works and what doesn’t this weekend. She should be a lot of fun!!

Anyways, we are set for an 11 am arrival so the ponies can rest while we unpack. They will both stretch and hack around this evening, and Ollie does his dressage at 130 Thursday afternoon.

Look for updates through the weekend!! Super excited to be blogging from my iPhone!!



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